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Loose leaf tea at Liquid Jade


One of our favourite places to warm up with a cuppa is Liquid Jade, located off Whitefriargate in the newly opened Zebedee's Yard.

Owner Claire Buffey is a huge fan of loose leaf tea, which has health benefits that range from aiding relaxation and promoting a healthy sleep pattern, to acting as an antioxidant and having a rejuvenating effect. Then of course there are the many tastes and aromas of leaf tea, including the minty, fruity, light, deep, and even a winter spice that's perfect between bouts of Christmas shopping in Hull's beautiful Old Town.

If tea isn't your thing, you can choose from a menu of freshly ground coffees, enjoy an indulgent hot chocolate or refresh yourself with a cold drink. As for the desserts, you never know which special flavours they'll have when you arrive, with particularly delicious examples being gooey chocolate orange cake even a soft courgette and lemon combo.

This charming and welcoming celebration of tea and coffee is based within what used to be the art rooms of the old Trinity House School. The building has received a huge amount of TLC from Claire and her team, so whilst the fireplace and some original features remain, Liquid Jade presents fresh and bright surroundings with a vintage twist.

With handwritten boards, old mirrors, an ornate bird cage, record sleeve artwork and a comfy sofa, it really is a great place to unwind and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of tea.

Liquid Jade is open 10am-5pm Monday-Saturday. Find out more by following them on Facebook and Twitter.

Author: Rich Sutherland

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