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A Christmas poem

24/12/2011 Elves

Snowflakes falling from the sky,
Yule log followed by mince pie,
wrapping presents, writing cards,
ribbon going on for yards.
Brandy snap and candy canes,
frost around the window panes,
angel sat atop a tree,
prayers all whispered silently.
Advent doors opened each day,
Santa Claus is on his way,
mulled wine steaming,
chestnuts roasting,
baubles gleaming,
old friends toasting.
Twinkling lights
and roaring fires,
children’s puppets
dance on wires.
See the smiles,
hear the carols,
smell the biscuits
in the barrels.
Kisses beneath mistletoe,
Rudolph’s nose is all aglow,
turkey with delicious glaze,
Scrooge decides to change his ways.
And during all of this fanfare,
the most important thing we share
is family time and being merry
(and perhaps a cheeky swig of sherry).


Copyright © Rich Sutherland, 2011

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