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The Christmas Dinner Project 2022



Can you spare £25 or more?
Christmas Dinner is a festive feast that most of us look forward to. Over the past few years making Christmas happen has become almost impossible for some families with lockdown and COVID19 then the economic crash we now find ourselves in.
The Christmas Dinner Project was started a few years ago to support families by providing a food pack with everything needed to create a basic dinner on the 25th.
Pepperells Solicitors work closely with churches, community programmes and charities across all their offices to select families who have fallen on hard times and people using foodbanks to make ends meet.
Families receive a voucher to collect a dinner pack that contains the following :-
• A Whole Fresh Chicken
• Small Sausages
• Vegetables
• Potatoes
• A Small Christmas Pudding
• Treats For the Children
If you would like to Donate A Dinner, they would love to hear from you. Just email and she will give you a call back.
Pepperells likes to recognise support given by business partners, so if you would like to buy meal/meals then please send over your logo and your social media handles, so they can thank you and tag your business.
This project works with partners and families across all Pepperells offices: Hull, Willerby, Scunthorpe, Grimsby, Lincoln, Newcastle, Beverley and Barton.


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