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All (Yellow Brick) Roads lead to Home


There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like… Hull?

That’s right, The Wizard of Oz is coming to a theatre near you! Hull Truck Theatre to be precise, an ideal venue for locals and out-of-towners alike due to its close proximity to Paragon Interchange, the Holiday Inn Express and St Stephen’s Shopping Centre with its safe and secure car park.

An all-time classic, everyone knows L. Frank Baum’s fantastical tale from 1900, in which the lonely orphan Dorothy and her only friend Toto (who happens to be a dog) live on a small isolated farm in the middle of a bleak and miserable turn of the century Kansas.

Wow. Depressing.

But then the farmhouse is sucked up into a tornado and, rather than violently imploding, is gently deposited in Munchkin Country, conveniently splattering the Wicked Witch of the East, a magical shoe-wearing despot.


I’m sure I don’t need to tell you the next part of the story, where Dorothy meets a scarecrow with a desperately low IQ, a man made of tin who lacks a cardiovascular system, and a lion who doesn’t conform to his bestial stereotype, only to then go skipping down a road that would give the Highways Agency a migraine. However, I will tell you that this version has a little sprinkle of Hull Truck’s celebrated artistic license and a generously massive dollop of Christmas fun!

Dorothy makes her way to the Emerald City (a metropolis made entirely of jewels and glass – the shareholders of Windowlene must love the place) and playing her is Dominique Jackson, best known for her portrayal of Lauren Valentine in Hollyoaks.

Come now, be honest, you’ve seen Hollyoaks. We’ve all watched it at some point, there’s no point lying.

Dominique brings real life to the role and she and the cast treat the audience to plenty of singsongs along the way, classic crimbo style! Showing from Friday 7 December until Sunday 13 January, you’d have to be a right daft winged monkey to miss out on this perfect piece of family entertainment.

Contact Hull Truck on 01482 323638 or book online here before the Munchkins come getcha!


Article by Rich Sutherland

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