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To Me, To You, To Hull New Theatre!


Panto is an essential part of Christmas, and this festive season everyone should go to see Sleeping Beauty at Hull New Theatre.

We all know the story, in which a fairy tale lazybones has a kip for a hundred years until being awakened by the smooch of a dashing prince’s manly lips, but this production is extra special. Why? Because there’s singing and dancing, adventure, romancing, sword fights and laughter, and of course, a happily ever after. And it just wouldn’t be right if The Chuckle Brothers weren’t part of the action!

Paul and Barry don ultra-snazzy costumes and join the magical characters onstage for an extravagant production, complete with breathtaking sets, incredible choreography and good old-fashioned Chuckle Brothers humour. It’s a fantastic show of make-believe for all the family, but don’t take our word for it, hear what the fellas have to say in our exclusive interview below.

To book tickets, please visit or call 01482 300300.

Article by Rich Sutherland

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