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The Pie's the Limit


Christmas Day is fast approaching, and in recent years many Brits have moved away from the more traditional turkey option and chosen something that they really want. Some have bought a plump Dickens-style goose from their local butchers, whilst vegetarians might enjoy a festive fungus; in Hull, there’s an expanding circle who simply must sink their teeth into a hearty pastry, and this can only be due to the incredible offerings from Pie of Trinity House Lane.

The idea to open a business that serves proper pie and mash came to owner Matt Cunnah when living in Canada, chatting with friends over Thanksgiving dinner. For this he’d made one of his now famous barbecue pulled pork pies which, though as commonplace in Canada as rice is in China, has become something of a celebration locally. His friends suggested he should open a deli, but few would have realised it would become so much more than that, with Matt enjoying an incredibly enthusiastic reception when returning to his hometown and setting up shop in its historic Trinity Quarter.

“I absolutely love music but realised it wouldn’t make me a living, so I worked as a chef because I also adore food,” explained Matt. “After much planning, Pie became the ideal solution. Now I offer people top quality meals and experiment with exciting fillings whilst still having time to play; I get to enjoy my two passions on an everyday basis.”

The last thirteen months have seen Matt’s business really take off. With broad experience as a chef in France and Canada, he now produces the most mouth-watering pies in the region, but glazed pastries filled to the crust with succulent meats, fresh vegetables and spicy beans aren’t the only thing on the menu. “Our pies are obviously very popular but we also make hearty soups and thick stews daily, and our carvery sandwiches made with slow roast meats are to die for!”

Within days of Pie opening on 1st November 2011, customers were telling Matt and his friendly team that his creations would make an excellent Christmas dinner. Always happy to receive feedback and give the people what they want, he soon rustled up the perfect festive pie boxes (five for £12.50 and ten for £22.95), with the options of a pre-selected mix or your personal favourites.

“Pies bursting with pulled pork, succulent steak and red wine, caramelised onion and smoked cheddar, and even Moroccan spiced vegetable and falafel are just some that are available," said Matt.

"We receive a bustling take-out trade and have an inviting dining area upstairs too, so many familiar faces pop in every week. We even get applauded for our side dishes, as the glazed carrots, flavoursome peas and herb potatoes always go down a treat.”

All of this, combined with homemade brownies, cakes and whoopie pies (a ridiculously moreish combination of chocolate and cream), has resulted in Pie becoming an essential part of many people’s day, not to mention festive season. The selection boxes come with cooking instructions and couldn’t be easier to prepare on 25th December, and unlike a turkey there’s zero wastage.

“We’re absolutely delighted that people want to spend their Christmas Day together over our pies,” said Matt. “I was always confident that they’d be a hit, but the amazing support from Hull's communities really does make it all worthwhile.”

To wrap up, if you’re after a place that sells greasy pasties in a bag, Pie isn’t it. But if you’re looking for an affordable meal or a light bite that will satisfy your hunger and your taste buds (even if you don’t like pastry), then this attractive tribute to the art of good, honest food is just the ticket. Plus they even sell gift vouchers, which make the perfect stocking filler. So as the old carol goes, “Ding dong merrily at Pie, in Hull the pastry’s brimming!”

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Article by Rich Sutherland

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