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Hull Trinity Hostel


Whether you want to shop, dine, catch a movie or a show, keep fit at the gym, visit a gallery or museum, soak up architecture and history, or simply take a walk around beautiful gardens, Hull City Centre has everything you need. However, until recently one facility was missing from its offering: a backpackers' hostel.

Niccolas Irvin was born and raised in Hull. An avid traveller, he's helping visitors from other cities and abroad to become involved in Hull's culture, nightlife and heritage through the new Hull Trinity Hostel.

Located at 51/52 Market Place, the building was originally a Georgian period house until the rear was extended, transforming it into a 700-seat capacity theatre (600 seats downstairs plus a 100-seat balcony). This was later divided into offices and warehouse storage until, in 2014, the HTH team took occupancy and changed the space into a very welcoming guest house for globetrotters. 

Niccolas explains the motivation behind this development:

"For me, meeting new people is one of the best aspects of travelling. Whilst abroad I have met several people who showed interest in visiting the UK and offered to come and visit me here in Hull. This is when it first dawned on me that Hull did not have a hostel aimed toward the travelling/backpacker community. 

After weeks of trying to develop a business plan I realised how difficult it would be to set up a hostel and took a step back from the idea as it was too much to take on by myself. A few more months passed until my uncle offered to help, and with his years of business experience I soon found that the concept was becoming a very real possibility.

The aim is not only to provide affordable accomodation for travellers, but also a place where they can experience some true Northern hospitality and enjoy the atmosphere of this great city."

HTH is now open for bookings and offers far more than your average hostel. Full of local knowledge, the team makes sure that every guest gets the most out of their time whilst in the UK City of Culture.

If you know someone who would like to visit Hull, no matter where they live, make sure to tell them about Hull Trinity Hostel.

For more information, please visit the Hull Trinity Hostel website and connect with them on FacebookTwitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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