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Review: Snow White


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs transported me into the fantastic and magical world of pantomime. The main point of pantomime is to have fun, and I’m certain that every actor on that stage was having an amazing time. Every silly joke, every improvised line, every minor slip up, the cast giggled as hard as the audience. While the younger kids sang along with Snow White, and cheered for the gallant Prince Harry of Hull, the big kids in the audience were chuckling gleefully every time Cannon and Ball strode confidently onto the stage.

Hull New theatre is the perfect setting for this enchanting fairy tale to come to life. The high ceilings and extravagant set pieces made you feel like you could be in a magical kingdom far far away. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is funny, it’s loud, it’s silly, and it made me grin like a cheeky toddler. Although the beautiful Snow White is enchanting, she shared her spotlight gracefully with the Queen’s less-than-loyal henchmen, Cannon and Ball, and The Man in the Mirror, Joe McElderry himself. Being a few years since his X-Factor debut, I had forgotten how much of an excellent singer Joe McElderry actually is. I was promptly reminded as he flew through the air, looking resplendent in the most glittery shirt pantomime has ever seen.

Ten minutes in, I knew that Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs would be a success. The children were already laughing, cheering, and booing right on cue. Christmas is the season for pantomime, and what an excellent pantomime it is. Playing until Sunday 3 January, you have plenty of time to get yourself feeling festive and enjoy a great night out at the theatre. 

Tickets are £17.50-£25.50 and discounts are available. Please call the Box Office on 01482 300300 or book online.

Author: Matt Nolan, @mattandhiscats

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