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2012 All Wrapped Up


Hull city centre always puts on a bloomin’ good Christmas, from the big lights switch-on that illuminates 20,000 excited faces in Queen Victoria Square, to the countless events within St Stephen’s, Princes Quay and the Prospect Centre, not to mention the bustling activity of Humber Street, Ferens Art Gallery and the many museums, and the vibrant performances that fill the seats of Hull New Theatre and Hull Truck.

Christmas 2012 saw the usual favourites and added to the mix a variety of special celebrations. The regular Trinity Open Market and Humber Street Market continue to bring us crafts that are a feast for the eyes and a treat for the taste buds, and the combined efforts of Holy Trinity Church and Hull City Council resulted in a Live Nativity the likes of which our city has never before seen, with a full ensemble in Biblical garb leading a procession from City Hall to Trinity Square - live camels, sheep and a donkey in tow - and concluding with something completely unexpected!

By now we’ve filled up on turkeys and pies, given and received gifts that no doubt included the obligatory three-pack of socks, shouted “He’s behind you!” to an unbelieving dame of the stage, and perhaps even managed to keep our waistlines unchanged (although that’s highly doubtful). Still, the festive season isn’t quite over, as The Chuckle Brothers and a shining cast are still in town for another week, treating little and big kids alike to a truly magical production of Sleeping Beauty at Hull New Theatre. 

Running until 6th January, this fantastic show ticks all the traditional boxes: singing and shouting, slapstick and chaos, dazzling lights and smoky explosions, jokes that will actually make you LOL, and the good old-fashioned pantomime horse. But then there are a few unexpected surprises too (stop reading if you don’t want them to be spoiled), such as really quite wonderful choreography, a hilarious aerial strongman act, and yes, even Barry Chuckle standing alone on-stage in nothing but a lady’s oversized knickers.

Seriously, that actually happens.

So to those of you who are still to see this exceptional piece of entertainment, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the show, even if you are sat in those dreaded few front rows. And to everyone visiting this website, Christmas in Hull would like to wish you all a Happy New Year! (Together we showed those pesky Mayans who’s boss.) 

See you next Christmas and thanks for visiting. x


Article by Rich Sutherland

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